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~ news & notes ~

  • Politico: Trump Media Empire? Don’t Bet on It.

  • Page Six: Jamiroquai singer: I’m not the Capitol ‘viking’ rioter I’m glad he said something - the resemblance WAS a bit worrying.

  • WTOP News: More than 6K National Guard mobilized, 7-foot-tall fence built around Capitol after riot

  • New York Post: Protesters leave trail of damage throughout US Capitol building I wasn’t particularly surprised that the “wild” Washington D.C. rally that Trump and Republican senators had been calling for weeks would end in an attempted insurrection at the Capitol. Nonetheless it was STILL jarring to see the details of the insurrection as it was unfolding. It was surprising that rioters were apparently able to get in with so little resistance, it was somewhat confusing that there was a man in yak pelt traipsing around in the Senate chambers, and then it surprising again to see that most of the rioters were able to walk out without obvious consequence. Some next steps seem fairly obvious to me: Trump should be removed from as President using the 25th Amendment and subsequently impeached so he cannot hold federal office again. Senators Cruz and Hawley (and probably others, I'm not that picky at this point) should be censured for their involvement and, ideally, expelled from Congress. The yak guy and all of his buddies who were livestreaming their rebellion should be identified and arrested. That's the easy stuff. That should all be done before breakfast. But man, the HARD STUFF is how do you keep this from happening again now that the chuckleheads have seen how easy it is to gather a thousand of their buddies and breach the United States Capitol building. I wonder what Mitch McConnell would suggest we do to prevent this from happening again.

  • Apple releases $550 over ear AirPods Max. These seem pretty nice. I wonder how durable that mesh stuff is and how well the noise canceling works.

  • The Atlantic: ‘This Must Be Your First’: Acting as if Trump is trying to stage a coup is the best way to ensure he won’t.